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Dr. Chang discusses his background and interests.

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Dr. Chang earned his Bachelor’s of Science in animal physiology at U.C. San Diego and went on to study medicine at U.C. Davis where he graduated with honors in 1998. He would remain at Davis to complete both his residency in Internal Medicine and subspecialty fellowship in Nephrology. Being a native of the Bay Area, he was delighted to return in 2003 where he is currently in practice with West Bay Nephrology Associates. He is also a member of the clinical faculty at St. Mary’s Medical Center where he is involved with the Internal Medicine residency teaching program.

Dr. Chang was inspired to go into medicine by his grandfather who as a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, was the embodiment of a healer. He had a wisdom that amazingly exceeded his ninety-two years of age and a tranquility that came from someone who had weathered life’s travails. There was no greater testament of his commitment to his patients than the fact that he was on his way to make a house call on the day he passed away. While Dr. Chang does not anticipate practicing medicine into his nineties, he does hope to carry forward his grandfather’s legacy for as long as he is privileged to care for his patients. He is passionate about bringing awareness and understanding to the enigmatic kidney, an organ so important that we have a spare.

In his free time, Dr. Chang enjoys cooking (but not cleaning), gardening, and is obsessed with growing the perfect tomato.

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