Peter I. Teng, MD, FACC

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Dr. Teng is a practicing cardiologist in private practice in San Francisco. He also works part-time as clinical faculty member at both U.C.S.F. Medical School and St. Mary’s Medical Center.

He spends most of his time seeing patients both in the office and in various hospitals in San Francisco helping them fight heart disease. Dr. Teng’s goal with each patient he sees is to educate and illuminate his or her personal risk for heart disease, helping them reduce that risk and motivating them toward a heart healthier life.

Dr. Teng immigrated to the United States with his family from Taiwan when he was 12. He learned to speak English through the New York City public school system and took the subway daily from Queens to Manhattan to attend Stuyvesant High School. He went on to Cornell University where he received a balanced education in biology, art history and religion. His parents were both teachers and encouraged him to pursue medicine; fortunately this suited his personality and interests. After countless hours in the library, he went to medical school in New Jersey, followed by internship and residency back in Manhattan at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center where he learned most of his medical Spanish in order to care for patients in this heavily Dominican community of Washington Heights.

He became interested in cardiology at Columbia because of strong departmental role models, as well as, witnessing that it is a field that touches so many people and continues to be one of the most exciting and challenging areas in medicine with extensive research and advances in technology.

When Dr. Teng was granted the opportunity to pursue a cardiology fellowship at Stanford Hospital, he left his beloved city and came west in 1997. The cliché in medicine “the longer you stay, the longer you stay” held true for him as he met his wife and began his family in San Francisco, with a son who is now almost 2 ½. During his clinical training, he also studied atherosclerosis — the disease that causes heart attack and stroke — and extended his post-doctoral fellowship in vascular biology and genomics. He continues to instruct both medical students and residents-in-training to this day.

Since going into private practice, he has been pulled in multiple directions but gravitates toward two areas in particular. The first is non-invasive coronary CT angiography, a program that he direct at S.M.M.C. which enables getting an accurate glimpse into a person’s coronary arteries and addressing potential troublesome areas to help prevent heart attack. The second area is an appreciation for how a doctor is often limited in being only as good as his or her practice environment; he has therefore become involved in helping local hospitals maintain a high quality of care.

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