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Kati Konersman was born in Budapest, Hungary in the early 1950’s, daughter of Holocaust survivors. She escaped from Hungary when she was a child, and her family established themselves in Mexico City after trotting the globe for a couple of years. She grew up in Mexico City, and attended the National University to become a dietitian. What she was really after was putting some evidence to what she started to discover pragmatically. Due to personal circumstances she developed a nervous nature; at age sixteen she met some individuals that were into natural foods, and was advised to change certain aspects of her diet with the claim that it would help her cope better and relieve her nervous tendencies. It did.

In Mexico City she was self-employed, had a private practice and did quite a bit of consulting. For ten years she hosted a nutrition segment twice a week on live television, and did the same in radio. She needed the independence to have time for her most important project, raising her son; he is now in his 30’s. Kati authored several books, had a syndicated column, worked hard… then decided to give it all up to immigrate to the US thirteen years ago.

Kati moved to LA, and literally stumbled into what was to become her work and passion for twelve years, diabetes research, both at UCLA and then at USC in the Keck School. It was here that she met her husband, a computer animator. His job brought about another big change, moving to Northern California over a year ago. Kati now works as Diabetes Program Coordinator at St. Mary’s Medical Center. She sees both inpatient as well as private outpatient clients for diabetes- and nutrition-related education.

Growing up with her father, who had diabetes, she witnessed both sides of the tracks. For some years her father really paid attention to his diabetes; then he, like many of the patients she sees at the bedside, got tired of paying attention, and lapsed into a too relaxed of a mode, eventually paying the price with his life in his late fifties. She understands him well; diabetes does require daily vigilance.

Besides the passion that she has for her work as an educator, she deeply enjoys her meditation practice, as well as hiking, cooking for friends and dear ones, yoga, being a good listener, and exploring avenues to love her husband in a way that is meaningful to him.

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