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It is good for your health to move.

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Well, here’s some more information on how important it is to your health to move. Scientists at the University of Massachusetts did a study where they immobilized the left leg of healthy young men for 2 days. Their left legs did not touch the ground and the muscles did not need to contract over that period of time. After the 2 days of immobilization their muscles were biopsied and the results were rather surprising when compared to the active right leg. After only 2 days there were already signs of change in the way the genes were expressed: the metabolic activity within the cells was decreased, the insulin response was dropping, oxidative stress was increased and the DNA repair mechanism was affected. Further studies in Australia showed that even in healthy people who sat for 7 hours straight their blood sugars spiked and their insulin levels were out of whack. In those same people, when they were allowed to stroll or even stand for 2 minutes every hour or so their blood sugars and insulin levels remained stable. So, the bottom line is just move. It doesn’t take much to maintain your health. Even standing more often throughout the day can burn off some extra calories and keep those leg, back, and abdominal muscles more engaged.

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