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9 responses to “AVM: Welcome to Arteriovenous Malformations Community”

  1. Great work. Thanks, Dr. Savant!

  2. its a miracle i’m alive.i take no meds.been in the hospital five months.had six brain surgeries.have a brain shunt. i live in an apt with two dogs and a boyfriend.i am only 46.i am a very lucky girl!

  3. Thanks dr,
    There are few doctors in the world who are concerned with the AVM and affected many of us are desperate because they do not know where to visit. All work are made are grateful to help our community. In Spain we only have a medical staff that regularly meets ISSVA and cares about the AVM. We are lucky that today internet is a great tool to help.

  4. Right on! Thanks for your generosity Dr. Savant.

  5. Thanks for the post! It’s such a great way to spread awareness and I sincerely appreciate it. AVM’s are rare, and even many docs that “know” about them aren’t comfortable or capable of treating them. It’s wonderful to get the word out and to help patients find resources to do the best research to help them personally manage and take ownership of their own health decisions!
    I’m going to have to add the link to my fb page and my personal AVM story site! This is great.


  6. Awesome. Thanks for helping to bringing this condition to light Dr. Savant!

  7. Hi Dr. Savana, thanks for your interest to help others with your knowledge… I had an avm hemorrhage and I didn’t even know that It existed nether the importance to be aware about headache. My craniotomy was years ago and now I have learned more about the condition that I had thanks to the support group http://www.avmsurvivors.org, As much information the people have about the condition the better…

  8. I am so grateful to everyone whom is here to help with this wonderful site, thanks so much to Dr Savant the more info makes you feel so much better when you are diagnosed with a condition that your not sure what it is.

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